We're hot chocolate explorers

At Cocoa Canopy we pride ourselves on hand crafting the ideal blend of cocoa and chocolate to help you create the perfect chocolate drink. Hot, cold, or sprinkled each bead offers you a tranquil hug of wonder that you can enjoy anywhere, any time. So, like our finest cocoa trees, make your happy place under the canopy.

Our Story

Our story started over a decade ago by a small team of chocolatiers in Surrey who had a knack for creating award winning chocolate. Call it a happy accident or a stroke of genius, they hand crafted a blend that was perfect for hot chocolate and enjoyed by our customers ever since. 

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Managing Director

Cocoa Canopy journey


Crafting speciality bean to bar confectionary for chocolate lovers world wide


Whoops the happy accident! The big shine was created and hot chocolate gets a shake up gaining a Great taste Award


Re-launch as Sloane's Posh Hot Chocolate with a mission to keep hot chocolate lovers happy.


We've made so many
happy customers we
outgrow our factory and
move to our new factorv
'The Shinery'.


Re-launch with a new
name and fresh new look
for all real hot chocolate
lovers - Cocoa Canopy.

Earlier this year we made a commitment to change the name of our company, recognising it did not reflect our core values. While the name on the box has changed we are committed as always in producing the best hot chocolate you will ever taste.